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Administering an Estate

If you are dealing with an inheritance where there are numerous heirs it can be a complicated and stressful task distributing the estate. If the inheritance is administered incorrectly the wrong people could benefit from the estate or receive more than they are due.
To prevent the risk of incorrect distribution we can draw up an Estate Distribution Schedule. This will outline who, out of all of the beneficiaries, is entitled to what share of the estate. We can also locate any missing legatees and verify the family tree.
We are experts in the Law of Intestacy and are confident enough to indemnify you of any future claims or incorrect calculations; this means you can have peace of mind when dealing with a complex inheritance.

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Once again thank you very much – my family and I are very happy with the service and communication throughout this lengthy case.

This has been an interesting journey in regards to our family tree. We are so grateful for all of your team’s effort in bringing this to a conclusion.

Just to say a big thank you from my brother and I for all of your hard work. It was an unexpected surprise and we are delighted with the result.

You have helped solve a lifelong search and thanks to you I’m now in contact with my Dad’s biological mother. Thank you so much!

I’m amazed that you found me after I moved abroad and I am so grateful for the inheritance that I would have not otherwise known about.

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