Celebrities who traced their ancestors to royal roots!

With the rising popularity of genealogy, more and more people are discovering their relation to celebrities and sometimes even royalty. Read on if you would like to see which celebrities have recently discovered that they’re related to certain Monarchs.

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Unusual cases are our speciality

Cases are more often than not very complex in the inheritance industry. Even when cases appear manageable and straight forward, they usually become complicated and difficult for all parties involved. Speaking to a company who are experts in the matter can prove highly beneficial and save you a lot of time, money and energy.

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Open Source Research: What is it? Why we do it!

As Heir Hunters, we have an array of research tools at our disposal. These stretch from genealogy resources to general contact websites providing names, addresses and phone numbers. However, in some cases we need to go about finding people in a different, far more extensive manner. In this instance, open source research can be imperative.

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